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Welcome to WildProxy.NET
WildProxy is a hosted proxy service that allows you to gain access to a website which is being blocked by your school, college or university network (MySpace, Facebook, Bebo, eBay and other social networking websites ). WildProxy is faster than most proxy services because its being hosted on its own dedicated server and due to the reliability of our hosting, we can provide the user with streaming video capabilities from Myspace and Hi5. Surf the Internet with complete anonymity.

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Privacy Policy

WildProxy.NET is solely use for the purpose of accessing the World Wide Web from a Blocked/Filtered network. We do not intend on duplicating unique content nor copying and replacing other Website owner's ads and content.
WildProxy.NET is merely a portal to the World Wide Web without restrictions.
JavaScript is also enabled on the proxified page which offers the user the full experience of the web.

Users will be able to watch videos, TV channels, Play arcade games and meet people online via the social networking sites. Users might require java script enabled to access their online banking account to keep their personal data away from prying eyes at a Internet Cafe. Some large distribution stores often use JavaScript within their website for their checkout procedure.

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